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Apply/Product Info

What we offer:

We offer a high quality Pixel Trigger/Pixel Bot that is guaranteed undetected.

We have been using this Triggerbot as a friend group and now came to the decision

that we want to publish it to the public in a severely limited edition.

The Pixel Bot's features:

  • Stays 100% undetected
  • Fire Time delay
  • Web Settings Panel
  • Misc: Keybinds, Hold/Toggle Mode

  • How to access our Software (APPLY):

  • Visit The Apply Form and join our Discord Server
  • Choose a Header like "Software Application" for example
  • Now in the bigger Textfield, tell us about yourself, why you want to access our software,
  • Which cheats you have already used, when did you use cheats first time, these were just examples.
  • Don't forget to put your Discord Tag into the Form so we can reach out to you if we want you to use our software
  • Keep in Mind you can only Apply once